Our Approach

We understand that each business and company has different needs. We like to listen to our customer's to gain a true understanding of how we can provide the best janitorial supplies as possible. In addition, we are happy to visit with our current and future customer's to discuss the best janitorial supplies options available. It is because we care to be fair when we comprise the janitorial supplies that best will suit the building, tenants, and property management company. We take the time to build a long lasting business relationship because in the long run we are creating a service partnership. In fact, we take pride in providing the best janitorial supplies that is why we work tirelessly to get you the best price possible because "You Deserve The Best!"

Our Story

We started out as America Cleaning Solutions focused on providing the best commercial janitorial services in the United States of America. As America Cleaning Solutions we were being asked if we provide janitorial supplies and our customers would say it would be nice if you could provide it for us. Therefore, after many years of being asked the same question, we saw a business opportunity and now have created America Janitorial Supplies. We have worked in the janitorial industry for over 25+ years. We now bring that experience and knowledge to you, for you.

Customer Philosophy

You Deserve The Best!

Linkedin-Ronda-Butler-America Cleaning Solutions Portland Oregon Sales Director

Ronda Butler

Sales Director

Ronda Butler has been in the supplies and janitorial industry for more than 42+ years and is excited to begin her new journey with America Janitorial Supplies. She is fun, caring, and very outgoing. Ronda Butler, is the best in the janitorial supplies industry. She takes pride in providing you with the right janitorial supplies for your building, tenants, and management company. She likes to spend her quality time with her beautiful dog Pappy, gardening, wine tasting, and cooking for her wonderful friends.

Next Steps...

By now you know that we know that "You Deserve The Best!" Therefore, contact us now.